What began as one man’s dream to be a dairy farmer, grew into a multi-generational passion for farming and cheesemaking. The journey wasn’t easy and had many ups and downs but was worth the hard work. Appel Farms now produces an eclectic variety of cheese, from soft to hard and from mild to briny. We have something for everyone to enjoy!


Here at Appel Farms we have been producing Farmstead Artisan Cheese for more than thirty years. Jack Appel trained in France to produce excellent cheese and passed his knowledge and expertise on to his son John. Now the third generation has joined the team to make a diverse line of unique handmade cheeses.

Cheddar cheese selection


One of the most popular cheeses in the US, Cheddar is creamy, nutty and versatile.

Squeaky Cheese

Cheddar Curd

Perfect for that snack attack! Fresh cheddar curd has a texture and flavor that is unique.

Appel Farms Feta


Our Feta is made with cow’s milk, giving it a subtle flavor without giving up the distinctive briny tang.



Jack Appel started making Gouda for friends and family in the seventies and it continues to be a favorite.



Havarti originated in Denmark, and adds a creamy, mild flavor to our line-up of natural cheeses.



Maasdammer, or Maasdam, is a semi-hard traditional Dutch cheese that is delectable on sandwiches.

Nokkelost is wonderful with pears


Similar to the Dutch Leiden, Nokkelost is enjoyed year-round but is especially reminiscent of the flavors of Christmas.

Appel Farms Paneer


Paneer is a fresh cheese often found in South Asian cuisine and a rich source of protein.


Aged and dry, Parmesan is an excellent cheese for grating. Our Parm adds panache to pasta!


Quark has a special place in our hearts. Quark is the cheese that turned our cheesemaking hobby into a thriving business.


Our yogurt is unique from all the others available. No fillers, no stabilizers, no gelatin or preservatives. Just all natural milk and cultures.