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The Laws of Cheese

There are a few universal laws every cheese lover should know. From the caring of cheese to serving it properly, here are a few points to keep in mind next time you bring some delicious cheeses home to enjoy!

“Fake Cheese”

Squeeze Cheese

In our family, the words “processed” and “cheese” paired together will result in a wrinkled nose and furrowed eyebrows. The thought of taking perfectly good cheese, melting it down, and adding more things like whey, emulsifiers, milk, salts, preservatives, and food coloring… Read More

Lactose Confusion

The cheese making process magically turns sugar (in this case milk sugar, aka lactose) into lactic acid, which is something entirely different and no longer a threat to people with sensitivities.

What makes Quark special?

There are certain things to do when using Quark as a substitute, but overall it can be a great tasting, high protein, low fat alternative!

10 blessings we are thankful for!

Number 9. Our roots. Every family and their history plays an important part in shaping those people. We are especially grateful for the legacy of faith, grace, and redemption the heads of our family exemplify every day of their lives.

Moldy Goodness

While it is usually a solid sign to throw out its host, there are many types of cheese where just the right type of mold is coaxed and encouraged to grow. In some cheeses (blue cheese anyone?) this ingredient is actually injected into the cheese to produce that unique and strong flavor.

The Paneer Super Team

Paneer is created by heating milk to 175 degrees, and stirring vinegar into the milk to create a frothy white curd. It is then transferred to large stainless steel baskets where heavy plates are placed on top to squeeze all the whey out.

7 things you should know about our Squeaky Cheese!

There are a few ways to enjoy your squeaky cheese…

Rennet 101

When I made cheese in our plant, rennet was this syrupy brown substance (think a true maple syrup “that-came-out-way-too-fast” consistency, not so much Mrs. Butterworths slow-as-tar thickness) responsible for turning milk into curd.

The Marlies Method of Cheesemaking: Feta Edition.

“A poetic (and sort of scientific) love story where everything comes together and there is beautiful coagulation and then a LOT of salt. My kind of love story.”