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Easy Spanakopita Pockets

Easy Spanakopita Pockets

Once again, my friend Linda from Sound Harvest Delivery shared a winning recipe with me.  I am always delighted to learn a new recipe! Spanakopita has never been a favorite recipe for me because of the fussy Phyllo dough.  I love the flavor,… Read More

Chocolate Fondue

The longer we’ve been married, the more I know what I can do that makes John feel loved and it has this lovely boomerang effect…

Cheese Fondue Pot of Love

John and I found ourselves in Seattle on Valentine’s Day a few years ago and thought we would try The Melting Pot for dinner.  If you have ever been to the Melting Pot you would immediately recognize our mistake.  Valentine’s Day is… Read More

Cheese Soufflé

Cheese Souffle

Cheese Souffle is light, airy, and so easy to make!

Pumpkin Chili

Pumpkin Chili

Chili is one of my favorite recipes for the slow cooker, the longer it simmers, the better it gets. Grate some Cumin Gouda over the chili and it’s a total winner!

Why you should get your local strawberries right now!

Panna Cotta is light, creamy, and easy to make but looks absolutely elegant.

Yogurt Gravy

One thing that is tricky when cooking with yogurt is sauces. Yogurt adds a rich, luscious tang but can be frustrating if not added properly.

Easy Feta Dip

Easy Feta Dip

I don’t know if the reporters were impressed at my daring or incredulous at my audacity.

Apple Pie with Cheddar Crust.

Apple Pie with Cheddar Crust

Today is National Apple Pie Day. I absolutely love the whole idea of a day chosen to celebrate a certain food.