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Stories from Beppe: The first Nor’Easter

“We had moved to Whatcom County in the year 1967. Once and a while we would hear people mention the northeaster, but we had no clue really what they were talking about. Our first winter was a mild one, but the next winter (of ’68) made a lasting impression.”

Rainy Days

This is one of the reasons we simply cannot become certified organic.

Blackberry Pickin’

Farms are more than lots of fields and cows, they are the keepers of childhoods and the birthplace of amazing memories.

Barn Boots and Ice Cream

I was first introduced to the wonders of ice cream pie at a potluck in the late 1980’s. Judy brought it and I thought it was genius! Two great desserts in one!

8 Reasons Why Summer is Better on a Farm

Summer time is always better on a farm!