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Rainy Days

This is one of the reasons we simply cannot become certified organic.

Blackberry Pickin’

Farms are more than lots of fields and cows, they are the keepers of childhoods and the birthplace of amazing memories.

The Marlies Method of Cheesemaking: Feta Edition.

“A poetic (and sort of scientific) love story where everything comes together and there is beautiful coagulation and then a LOT of salt. My kind of love story.”

There is a corner in my heart labeled “Gouda”.

A story by Elizabeth (Appel) Hayes

8 Things I Learned from my Dad

My siblings and I have been blessed with the best Dad. Ever. Here is a list of some of the many things our Dad exhibits on a daily basis!

A Father’s Legacy

My earliest memories of Pake include him teaching me how to perfectly peel an orange, the new pink (!) barn boots he would bring me when mine where about to give way, and the way he would sing, all day everyday. My Grandfather loved… Read More

8 Reasons Why Summer is Better on a Farm

Summer time is always better on a farm!

Relay for Life Fundraiser!

“We live in a great community and Appel Farms Cheese is proud to participate!”