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Moldy Goodness

While it is usually a solid sign to throw out its host, there are many types of cheese where just the right type of mold is coaxed and encouraged to grow. In some cheeses (blue cheese anyone?) this ingredient is actually injected into the cheese to produce that unique and strong flavor.

7 things you should know about our Squeaky Cheese!

There are a few ways to enjoy your squeaky cheese…

Rennet 101

When I made cheese in our plant, rennet was this syrupy brown substance (think a true maple syrup “that-came-out-way-too-fast” consistency, not so much Mrs. Butterworths slow-as-tar thickness) responsible for turning milk into curd.

Feta Dip

Feta Dip

Our neighbor Shyla has a secret garden at her house with a gargantuan spider guarding the entrance. The spider sits just above eye level for me so I almost didn’t see it…

Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dressing

Buffalo Chicken Wings

For the dressing, I mixed my favorite blue cheese, Rogue River Caveman Blue, with our own yogurt. I have been in love with Rogue River cheeses ever since we visited them a few years ago.

Raising a Farm Family.

“One of the beautiful things about growing up on a farm is being able to go out and play in the barn, build hay forts, jump off things, and just be able to run around. Then seeing my kids enjoy the same things.”
-Rich Appel

Rainy Days

This is one of the reasons we simply cannot become certified organic.

Blackberry Pickin’

Farms are more than lots of fields and cows, they are the keepers of childhoods and the birthplace of amazing memories.

The Marlies Method of Cheesemaking: Feta Edition.

“A poetic (and sort of scientific) love story where everything comes together and there is beautiful coagulation and then a LOT of salt. My kind of love story.”

There is a corner in my heart labeled “Gouda”.

A story by Elizabeth (Appel) Hayes