The Dairy…

The Appel Family holds to a commitment of integrity and transparency in farming and animal care. We are a multigenerational family farm with a goal for a sustainable future.

Jack Appel


…from the past.
A common-sense approach to farming and hard work is a strong foundation for a sustainable future. Wisdom and knowledge are passed on and nurtured, but we don’t stop there.


…in the present.
With today’s technology and information, we can build on the wisdom of the past. We have a wealth of information today that dad never had. We are using that knowledge to make improvements for a sustainable tomorrow.

Marlies and John


…to the future.
We are building a future not just for our family but also for our community. Leaning on the foundation of wisdom from the past and strengthened by the knowledge of today, we are excited for a healthy, bright world both now and to come.

Let’s build something together.