Good News for Cheese Addicts!

Researchers have known since the 1980’s that cheese contains small traces of morphine, the same drug given as a painkiller in hospitals. No, it is not put there by evil people hoping to get you hooked on cheese. It is found to be produced naturally by both human and animal mothers!

Both are delicious, both come in various flavors, and (if we really want to be thrown for a loop) they are made from the same ingredients.

Early on when we began making cheddar, we added the color to give it the traditional yellow/orange shade everyone is used to. About a year into cheddar making however, Uncle John asked “Why?”.

How snow affects our cheese room.

There are benefits to living only a 30 second walk away from work. You get to go home for lunch break, no gas money is spent, and if you sleep through your alarm your boss will come bang on your door to… Read More

The most blessed people on Earth!

The very essence of our family, every good thing that ever comes from our work, the real reason we believe in taking care of our land and animals and why we must produce top quality products. It can all be boiled down to one Christ child.

Christmas at the Appel’s

I know Pake is singing his heart out in heaven, joining his rich baritone voice with his brothers and sisters in continuous praise to our Lord. But I also like to think maybe he takes a little break to peer into our living room full of family, and listen.

Stories from Beppe: Christmas Treats

The little tree was just a small artificial one, but oh, the wonder of it! I helped my cousin decorate it with glittering balls, real candles, and a little angel on the top!

Stories from Beppe: The first Nor’Easter

“We had moved to Whatcom County in the year 1967. Once and a while we would hear people mention the northeaster, but we had no clue really what they were talking about. Our first winter was a mild one, but the next winter (of ’68) made a lasting impression.”

For the month of December, I will be sharing stories close to our family’s heart, stories told to us by our Beppe. These have been the cause of much laughter at our family gatherings but also a source of wisdom, lessons to be learned, and fond memories. Please, grab a cup of coffee, some delicious, flaky banket, and come into our home!

Number 9. Our roots. Every family and their history plays an important part in shaping those people. We are especially grateful for the legacy of faith, grace, and redemption the heads of our family exemplify every day of their lives.