Good News for Cheese Addicts!

You are officially legit.

Cheese is scientifically proven to be like a drug! I’m not even kidding. Yes, some of us have a loving relationship with our cheese, but we have research to prove there is more to it!


Researchers have known since the 1980’s that cheese contains small traces of morphine, the same drug given as a painkiller in hospitals. No, it is not put there by evil people hoping to get you hooked on cheese. It is found to be produced naturally by both human and animal mothers! These little bits of morphine help the baby (calves or humans) to form a bond with the mother, and in turn get all the nutrients they need to grow.


Scientists have also found cheese to contain concentrated levels of protein casein. When digested, the casein breaks down into casomorphins which produces opiate effects!


Now, both these factors are very small and don’t really do much due to the morphine being neutralized by your body before it hits your blood stream. It’s the same reason poppy seeds don’t make you “happy”. Now when you refer to someone as a “Cheese Addict”, know you can back it up and start a fun conversation to boot!

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  1. Great topic Elizabeth! Thanks for the info, now I know why I am a cheese addict! By the way, the post’s featured photo makes your cheese look incredible, I just want to bite directly in it! Do you guys have a website and do you sell online?

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