The difference between Cheddar and Gouda

We get this question all the time in the shop and it can be hard to explain if you are unprepared for it. Both are delicious, both come in various flavors (in our shop anyway), and (if we really want to be thrown for a loop) these cheeses are made from the same ingredients.

At this point in the process, both Gouda and Cheddar look pretty much the same, though the curd is a different texture.

The differences begin with the amount of those ingredients and lead into the process in which these cheeses are made. The process begins the same, but soon veers in different directions.

Gouda (a much softer curd) is corralled, stuffed into forms by hand, and then sits under a press for a few hours. Cheddar presses the whey out of itself by being stacked, turned, and stacked again. This is known as the “cheddaring process”. The Cheddar is then cut into small pieces known as Squeakers!

Cheddar slabs being cut into Squeakers!


After the curd is pressed into wheels, the Gouda is aged for a minimum of 6 weeks to give it flavor and a smooth texture.

A form being filled with soft Gouda curds (this is our Jalapeno flavor) before being pressed into a wheel like the ones pictured below.


As finished products, these two cheeses have similar textures but differ a bit in flavor. Gouda is know for being creamy, full-flavored, nutty, and almost sweet. Cheddar is more mellow in character, but maintains a rich and creamy flavor. OR, if all of this is completely boggling your mind, swing on by the shop and we will cut you fresh samples so you can taste for yourself!



8 Replies to “The difference between Cheddar and Gouda”

  1. I love both of these cheeses. They are still the best I’ve ever tasted. Thank you for all of this enlightening information. I love to read your posts.

  2. Madam thanks for your information, considering both types of cheese are good sources of probiotic microbes, which one would you recommend over the other as a better probiotic food?

    1. Without lots of testing, I can’t make any claims on probiotic content in either the Gouda or Cheddar. I can assure you though that we make the cheese in the traditional manner, without heat treating during aging. This provides the perfect environment for healthy probiotics.

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