How snow affects our cheese room.

There are benefits to living only a 30 second walk away from work. You get to go home for lunch break, no gas money is spent, and if you sleep through your alarm your boss will come bang on your door to get you out of bed!


There are also benefits to the workplace, such as always having someone on hand in case an employee can’t get into work. Such is the case when we wake to find the wind howling and the snow floating down to create barricades across the roads in our fair county. My Alaskan friends will laugh at the small amount of snow it takes to shut people into their homes, but for the most part we prefer people stay warm and safe than try drift busting in order to get to work.

This is a snow drift in front of our plant. we didn’t have power in the lunch room so we ran an extension cord from the plant (which was powered by a generator) to keep things from freezing!

It’s always an adventure trying to get the day’s work finished in this type of situation. Tasks that don’t have to be done immediately are put off for another day, but cheese often takes multiple days to make. We can’t just stop in the middle of it! The way our buildings are laid out at the moment means we push carts of packaged product into a walk in cooler a short ways away. Completely fine 99% of the time, but when the weather decides to get sassy on us, we have to really salt the ramp down and take a run at it! Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to make it up and we would have to try again! Did I mention it’s freezing outside?

Sometimes (if they live close enough) Uncle John takes the tractor down the deserted roads, digs the driveways out, and brings the employees to work. However, if we can avoid that and work without them we do.


It’s an all hands on deck moment in the cheese room, and since most of the family lives within walking distance it’s a family affair. Luckily most of the family has worked in the cheese room at one point or another, so we are able to make quick work of the tasks at hand. Even though it’s freezing outside and there are obstacles to overcome, it’s honestly really fun to pull the whole family into the same task! Always an adventure when the Appel family is around 😉

On a related note, if you are wondering if we are open, please check our Facebook and website! We make sure to post something in case we can’t get anyone here and have to close for the day due to safety reasons.

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