The most blessed people on Earth!

While reading through Beppe’s book in preparation for this month of Christmas stories, certain little bits stood out to me. Small pieces of beautiful wisdom learned from a life full of joy and faith. In one of these little nuggets of wisdom she talks about how we all learn differently, but if we follow the Lord we will be the “most blessed people on earth”.

“Of course, learning goes on. How much we learn depends on how teachable we are. Do we learn from our life experiences, sometimes called the “school of hard knocks”? Do we learn from the teachings laid out for us in the scripture and accept it? If so, then we are the most blessed people here on earth and an eternal life will be our destiny. Because of the love in my heart which flows out to my family from the oldest to the youngest, it now flows too for the ones yet to come. My daily prayer for all is to be safe in the arms of Jesus, now and always.”

-Audrey Appel

All these Christmas stories remind me of our family’s roots and history. Yes we are blonde, Dutch farmers who make cheese and love every second of it. But first and foremost we are children of the Lord. The other things are fun, meaningful, and make for great blogs, but without our Savior we would have none of it. The very essence of our family, every good thing that ever comes from our work, the real reason we believe in taking care of our land/animals and why we must produce top quality products. It can all be boiled down to one Christ child. He who left His heavenly throne to become one of us so the ultimate price could be paid for our deadly sins. That’s what Christmas is all about!

Snow Verse


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  1. Hi Elizabeth! Stunning view on your picture!! I feel very envious, as I have spent New Year’s Eve in my local southern France mountains but the weather was unusually too warm and we almost didn’t get to see the snow! Happy NEw Year to you and your family, and please keep writing and taking lovely pictures of the area you are living in!!!

    1. Hey Sophie! Thank you! Those photos are actually taken by my mother, so I will be sure to pass on the compliment. We just had snow this morning and it’s a little chilly, so your south of France sounds absolutely heavenly! Happy New Year and thanks for reading!

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