10 blessings we are thankful for!

The last year has had no lack of trials and tribulations, but we would be ungrateful if we didn’t shout from the rooftop our thankfulness for the abundance of blessings in our lives! So without further ado, 10 blessings we are thankful for!

  1. Cheese! How can you not be thankful for cheese?? Come on now. gouda-048
  2. Our new store. This is our second thanksgiving in our new store, and while it has been a process (to say the least) we are nailing things down and coming into our own!Cheese SHop
  3. Coffee! With the early wake up calls, I personally am very thankful for the ability to create whatever type of caffeinated brew I feel like every morning. It’s the little things that make me happy. Thankful Coffee
  4. Our wonderful customers. To the morning coffee guys, the squeaky cheese regulars, and our farm loving families, you’re simply the best. You make our days fly by with your smiles and stories, and we thank you.  Daddy Daughter date - Copy
  5. You! Thank you for taking the time to read our stories! It is a great encouragement when we see your comments about how you enjoy them!
  6. Our employees. I’m a little biased because I know our crew pretty well, but we really do have a fantastic group! Thank you for putting up with your manager’s craziness (ahem, Ruth), I don’t know how you do it sometimes!

    Crew Selfie
    This isn’t everyone, but honestly taking a four person selfie is already pushing my skills to the limit!
  7. The farming community. In a time where farming is under appreciated, you all just keep on trucking. Thank you for your support of our family, your day to day work putting food on this nation’s table, and your never ending stewardship of the land.  Rain 8.31.15-169
  8. Our family. Working so closely with your entire family is a tall order. By God’s grace we are still intact and the business continues to flourish in spite of our flaws…and yes, we still love each other!
  9. Our roots. Every family and their history plays an important part in shaping those people. We are especially grateful for the legacy of faith, grace, and redemption the heads of our family exemplify every day of their lives.
    The three Appel Boys! Gerald is the oldest on the left, then John and Rich to the right.

    Appel Family Photo!
  10. Our Creator. Because without Him none of the aforementioned blessings would have existed. To Him belongs all the glory.

    When the original plant was built, this sign was made to grace the south wall. It’s there to this day!

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