Rainy Days

Watching the rain come down brings joy to my heart. I think we all can agree it’s been a little toasty this summer and many of us Washingtonians are really missing our famous rains. The rain signals summertime coming to an end and promises the return of the crisp air and foggy mornings of fall.

I absolutely love being curled up with a fuzzy blanket on the couch, hot drink in hand, just watching the rain come down. The more the better!



Every once in a while it can be fun to go outside when the rain is especially intense, just to be in awe of the power of creation. For a little fun, puddle jumping is the best. Even as adults! All this rain also makes one especially glad they have a warm home to run into when the chill starts to set in. More often than not rain is better enjoyed when inside, where it’s warm and dry!


Now, I may have a different story if I actually worked in the rain on a regular basis. I have memories of my dad coming in for breakfast after finishing the early morning chores in the freezing down pour of our winter rains. It’s not unusual to see those working on the farm rock a fashionable green or yellow plastic poncho along with their daily grey rubber boots. Even after peeling off this ensemble, my dad would have to change into fully dry clothes before having breakfast and then heading back out.

Rain 8.31.15-181

Guaranteed, they have envied the warm, dry workplaces during the rainy season, but that doesn’t stop them from going out and doing what they love.

setting of poles 2-154

Rain means extra care is taken to ensure everything in our barns is in tip top shape to keep the cows comfortable. No cow is allowed to get wet, muddy, or cold. Even if the farmers are consistently all of these things.

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This is one of the many reasons our farm simply cannot become certified organic. To become a “Certified Organic” farm, our cows would have to have year round access to a pasture. If our cows were in the pasture during the rainy season (which to be honest, is a good chunk of our months), they would be up to their knees in mud. In other (higher, dryer) areas, pastures are lovely! Unfortunately the rain that keeps our state so beautifully green makes it a tad difficult, for us personally, to keep the cows in pasture all year long. With our specific piece of land, it’s just too wet!

Rain 8.31.15-166

Rain 8.31.15-179 Rain 8.31.15-172

Next time you run through a rainy parking lot into the grocery store to grab a gallon of milk for your weekend cereal, remember the farmers who are working in that same downpour. Rest assured, they make sure our herds are tucked safely away. Cozy as can be with their favorite snacks, watching the rain come down from their warm, dry, and clean stalls.

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  1. I’m usually not a farming/farm aficionada, and I don’t know how you do it but you catch my attention every single time with your posts, they’re so informative, interesting and “talking” to me… I feel like I could totally enjoy being curled up in that blanket too (even in august, but awww that’s weird for me to say that,haha!) and listen to you explaning about the good (great) care you guys give your cows. Well understood the weather constraints you have in WA, I guess not everybody is aware about this whenever wondering about the absence of organic certification of your cows, therefore your informative post is very useful!!

    1. Thank you so much for your generous comments! You are such an encouragement, especially when sometimes we feel we are grasping at straws to find yet another blog topic! Our summer/fall weather is usually beautiful, but we just came through a rainy wind storm. It’s officially fall time!

  2. I certainly understand the decision to not go for organic certification. And I know about the weather there, my son was teaching at Western Washington for a few years and I got to spend some time in and around Bellingham, loved it.
    What about following the basics of organic farming, never mind the pasturing problem?

    How do I go about finding a retail outlet for your Quark?

    1. We do use sustainable farming practices which is much like the organic practices. Organic has a specific certification requirement so we cannot call it that unless certified. Finding quark depends on your location. In Western Washington, it is available through many grocery store chains. Outside of Western Washington, locations are more sporadic. Thanks!

      1. Yes, that’s pretty far from us. On the bright side, Quark is enjoying a surge of popularity. Companies across the US are starting to produce it. Hopefully there will be one near you!

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